Private Training

Body-Mind Attunement — Hands-on somatic attunement/movement session. Explore body-mind connection; maximize body’s movement potential; build better posture and alignment; enhance non-verbal communicative skills; put together an individualized self-care kit.  

Movement Coaching — For all performers who are looking for a movement-based make-over. Discover your own movement pattern; deepen voice-movement connection; broaden your movement spectrum; embody characters through your movement.

Dance/Movement Coaching for kids — For all students who are looking for a more concentrated and individualized class to prepare their applications or portfolios. Create solo performances; build stronger techniques; improve presentation skills.   

All one-on-one sessions are: $100/hour; $900 for 10-hour package.

Special artist’s rate! $75/hour for all working actors, dancers, singers, musicians and artists. 

Contact Chuan to book a session: